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 The largest wooden Buddha north of Tokyo, Kiko-in is located in Iwanai, Hokkaido.

- In the third year of the Ansei era at the end of the Edo period -

Kiko-in Temple was the first temple built in this district.

It was originally located in the old urban area, but was relocated after it was destroyed by a fire in 1890.


The current main hall was completed in 1904.

In 1918, Jokan NOMURA 5th vowed to build a buddha.


However, thanks to the enthusiasm of the believers in 1921,

the temple opened its eyes to the public as the largest wooden Buddha statue north of Tokyo.

The Iwanai Great Fire of 1954 destroyed 80% of the town, but Kiko-in Temple miraculously escaped the disaster.

In 1969, it was designated the first tangible cultural property of the town.

Finally, in 2021, Kiho-in Temple will celebrate the 100 year anniversary of its establishment.



Iwanai is located in west Shakotan, Hokkaido, and is blessed with abundant seafood, agricultural products and hot springs. You can enjoy kayaking and snorkeling at the beach in summer,

and powder snow with ocean view in winter.

With its long history and unique culture, Iwanai is becoming a popular destination for many foreign tourists these days.
It is the best place for those who want to get away from the hustle
and bustle and relax while feeling

the authentic Japanese culture and pure nature.

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143 Takadai, Iwanai, Iwanai District, Hokkaido 045-0013

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